Oh my, Boston Bistro

July 7, 2016
A gem among the buzz of the new The Village development – which requires the golden oldies to keep up their top form.
We dined there on a Tuesday, which meant Main-Course-special (half price) and we were pleasantly surprised with the fare.
Not only is the good amazing, the portions is hearty and incredibly tasty.The waiter, DJ, was very attentive (although could not make us salivate over the food, that requires some improvement).

The chef has been at Boston Bistro for 9 months; just like incubation his real talent is coming to light.  He is lighthearted and down-to-earth, much like his food.
We ordered a salad to share, ample portion and very well seasoned and flavorful (yes, you can bugger up beetroot if you don’t know how to look after the produce).

We ordered the Blackened Rump and the Sous-Vide Rib of Beef.
Both meals arrived looking spectacular and tasted incredible.

The Sous-Vide Rib of Beef was breathtaking – that classical “fall off the bone” business – and was served with potato wedges and savoury-sweet pearl onions.

We opted for two desserts, so that we could share…the Asian Black Rice Pudding was my favourite, until I tucked into the Chocolate Cake (which was reminiscent of Granny’s Chocolate Cake from back in the day – well done on the icing!)

The sidewalk with the checkered tablecloths transport you to another place, dining outside meant we could laugh, share wine and make comments about passing pedestrians.
We had a blast – thanks to the team for staying “late”even though the lights were being switched off around us. 🙂

We will be back for some more Vrede & Lust Red Lady, and next time we’ll order the Duck!
Contact details:
Website: http://bostonbistro.co.za/wordpress/
Telephone: (012) 460 2425
Email: bostondeli.hazelwood@gmail.com
Address: 11 Hazelwood Road, Pretoria
Kitchen hours:
Monday to Friday: 7h00 – 21h00
Saturday: 8h00 – 21h00
Sunday: 8h00 – 15h00
Don’t worry; they remain open until well after the kitchen closes!

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