Oh my, Ciao!

September 30, 2016


Definitely one of the best Zomato Foodie Meetups I’ve been to!  Thanks to the Ciao! Team and Zomato for having us.
A bunch of foodies together might be rather daunting (and proved quite loud and jovial) but we were sectioned off from the rest of the restaurant in our own “dining room” in order to ooh-and-aah in peace.
The move to a “strip mall” from the infamous Brooklyn Mall was a concern – but nestled in the corner some of my fellow diners was not even aware they moved premises. Well done on the transition!

First of all, you have to note the decor with the rustic, concrete jungle vibe on the inside going on. I particularly loved the juxtaposed crates for a ceiling in the private dining room.
Then the tables were set with “old school” oil and balsamic vinegar bottles – felt like a real Italian-mama’s place.

As per usual we were peppered with a plethora of dishes to taste – boasting traditional Italian/Mediterranean fare as well as some modern versions.

My favorite starter from the selection was the Calamari Fritti: deep-fried squid heads, served with homemade sweet chilli jam.  The jam had just enough kick to it to make it interesting.
The main course was presented on massive platters – to share.
It all looked appetizing and I thorough enjoyed the cutest pizza ever!  The Polpetta (even the name is cute!): meatballs in pomodoro sauce with fresh rocket on a thin-base pizza.
As for dessert, I will put my neck on the line to say that was one of the best Creme Brulee’s I’ve had in a while – pass the Cheesecake, give me a bucket of that baked-custard-goodness!

The Espresso & Grappa got the better of me and I couldn’t finish the Grappa (I was scared I was going to combust internally). 🙂

Wonderful hostesses and an opportunity to meet new people.  Overall a massive success and I wish the owners all the best – we will surely be back.

Contact details:  Sad news, they announced their closure towards the end of the year.

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