Oh my, embrace the trends – but only some of them

In November 2016 I looked into the future to determine which food trends or fads the 2017 year will have in store for us (pun intended).

Here’s a recap on the trends and fads I identified in my post: Oh my, 2017 Foodie Trend Predictions…

  1. Lazy Grazer
  2. Instafood
  3. #WeWantPlates
  4. Blue Wine
  5. Bowl Food
  6. Craft Fatigue


According to Inner Circle, these are some predictions for the rest of 2017 and also for the start of 2018.

  • Bowl Food
  • BrunchFast
  • Tumeric & Matcha
  • Ice-cream Madness
  • Gourmet Snacks


Have you secretly succumbed to the trends for 2017?  I type this knowing very well that I have an instagram account full of food and drink photos, blue wine in my fridge, and shockingly I have been converted to a connoisseur gin and tonic drinker.  Trends and fads may come and go, but classics will remain in style.  Be a classic.  Stay classy.


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