Oh my, the great TEAbate

14 September 2017 – Day 11 of 14

In concluding the 14-day challenge with the Carmién Teatox, some exciting recipes and ideas on incorporating herbal teas and organic ingredients into your busy lifestyle.


YES!  You will feel better and sleep better.

An important thing to remember is that tea alone will not be enough to properly detoxify your system. While it is certainly medicinal and beneficial, you need to incorporate overall well-being practices to fully detoxify.


Detox is a word that gets thrown around and routinely tagged onto new trends and gimmicks that make bold promises of rapid weight loss, improved wellness, and numerous other quick benefits. Miracle claims do need to be taken with a grain of salt, and we should all be aware that our bodies are not designed to function off liquid only diets for days or weeks on end.

That being said, there are certainly elements and drinks we can incorporate into our daily routine that offer a detoxifying effect and can boost our wellness routines. In particular.

Hydrating and packed with antioxidants, tea helps naturally support our body’s detoxification process. Certain types of tea are beneficial and healthy to drink every day and other special blends or herbal teas may serve better as a limited time detox program to jump-start our organs cleansing systems.


Green tea is a fantastic way to incorporate daily antioxidants and a metabolic boost to your system all while hydrating and providing a wealth of other proven health benefits such as disease prevention and immune system support. Drinking several cups each day is an easy way to gently assist our system in detoxifying and promoting weight loss benefits.

For a more structured detox tea program or ‘teatox’, it is recommended to consume a tea blend for two to four weeks in order to benefit from a longer exposure to the ingredients. This allows for the proper time to let your body cleanse and eliminate toxins, boost immunity and naturally suppress an over stimulated appetite.

Some detox tea programs have acquired a bad reputation due to the marketing of many different celebrities and public figures endorsing those particular tea brands. Some of the things to look out for when choosing a trustworthy tea brand include:

  • Making sure the tea is grown organically.
  • Tea Ingredients that are clearly labeled and disclosed.
  • Brands that have 3rd party product reviews. Never trust a brand on solely its word. Look for social proof in the form of customer reviews that provide unbiased commentary and feedback.
  • At the same time, there are also many brands that have created a healthy and beneficial detox solution for many people. While there many not be a cure-all tea detox tea blend that exists, detox and weight loss tea should be viewed as a supplemental beverage to a healthy nutrition and diet.


An important thing to remember is that tea alone will not be enough to properly detoxify your system. While it is certainly medicinal and beneficial, you need to incorporate overall well-being practices to fully detoxify.

Giving your digestive system a much-needed break from rich, processed foods as well as coffee, alcohol, dairy, and meats will reduce the burden on your organs and allow your body to cleanse and easily digest.

Significantly boost your vegetable intake, specifically with items like raw kale, spinach, garlic and onions, which replenish vitamins and minerals while eliminating toxins. Eating pieces of raw fruit (in moderation as they do contain sugar) before meals helps the stomach enzymes digest quickly and supply the body with its nutrients and fiber.

Exercise is also an important component of a successful detox regimen. Cardio that encourages sweating is another method to remove toxins from your system. Plus, exercise is a fantastic tool for to unclutter your mind and being a productive outlet for stress relief. If you are not a fan of high-intensity interval training, incorporating daily vigorous walks or yoga classes into your detox routine will encourage toxins to leave your body at a quicker rate.

Boost your fluid intake and drink plenty of water to flush out your system and promote better digestion. Adding a slice of lemon to a glass of water helps stimulate the elimination of toxins and regulate digestion. Lemon also serves as a natural alkaline, which is known to protect against various diseases and assist positive energy levels when consumed regularly.

When selecting teas, always be sure to choose reputable and organic ingredients to ensure that you are not adding any further chemicals or toxins into your body via potential pesticides used to grow the leaves or herbs.


Or alternatively, take a look at the Carmién website for more delicious recipes and ideas.

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