Oh my, chocolate & tea pairing with Carmién tea.

Carmién Tea is pairing up with Winston&Julia handmade Artisan Chocolates.

Carmién tea is not just about producing and selling Rooibos tea. Our aim has always been to give our customers a full taste experience in creative and innovative ways, and over time we have developed many tea tasting combinations from savory to sweet to chocolate, but the one that wins hands down, is tea and chocolate ! Time and again. So we went searching for a top quality, taste sensational chocolate to accompany our teas.

We found the perfect chocolate inspired by this story:

“Julia produced a small slab of chocolate. She broke it in half and gave one of the pieces to Winston.

Even before he had taken it he knew by the smell that it was very unusual chocolate. It was dark and shiny….”  1984, George Orwell.

This dark novel not only inspired their name, but led Winston&Julia to produce an unusual range of 60% dark tumbled chocolates with fruity and confectionery centres. Tumbled chocolate is made by slowly drizzling chocolate over complimentary centres, all the while rolling and tossing the treats to achieve layers of chocolate perfection. Everything is handmade in small batches using only the freshest ingredients.

Carmién tea in collaboration with WJ are excited to introduce:

Carmién WJ Artisan Chocolates

Our artisan chocolates are the perfect mini-bites for any festive occasion or an everyday nibble.

Apart from being available individually, we have put together a trio of specially selected teas with each chocolate as a Carmién Tasting Experience with full instructions on having your own tea and chocolate pairing at home. This is the ideal Valentine’s Day gift or ice breaker at your next corporate event. We are happy to guide you through the experience if you book well in advance.

Our chocolate trio consists of Almond Roca, a buttery mix of almonds wrapped in chocolate and cocoa; Toffee, chocolate with a creamy toffee honey centre and Macadamia White, buttery vanilla white chocolate with macadamia nut.

Carmién Tea and Chocolate Tasting experience

Find your match!

Pairing tea with chocolate is an adventure in unlocking flavours and will enhance your regular tea drinking experience. There are no rules in tea pairing, it’s a personal journey. You are only limited by your own taste preferences!

You may ask, why tea? Tea acts as a natural palate cleanser and thereby enhances and brings out the flavours of each specific chocolate. Tea is extremely versatile in pairing with any food. The key to a successful pairing is to break down the flavour of the particular tea and match that to complementary food, or in this case, chocolate flavours. As you allow your palate to guide you, you will discover the tea that perfectly balances with your chocolate of choice.

Let’s start your tea and chocolate journey!

Follow our easy instructions for your Carmién tasting experience:

An ideal tea and chocolate tasting is done with 3-4 teas and 3-4 chocolate types but that does not mean you can’t simply pair your favourite tea with any/ all chocolate of your choice.

You can either use the Carmién Tea & Chocolate Tasting Experience Gift Set or, if you are using your own selection of Carmién teas, we have some great combinations for you here in our additional pairing guide which you can use with chocolate or desserts.

Additional Carmién Teas and Chocolate pairing guide

  • Focus, Rooibos with chai spices, if you like things a bit more spicy. Especially good with Carmién Toffee.
  • Creamy Vanilla, Rooibos with Vanilla flavour, creaminess in a cup! A favourite that goes well with just about anything from sweet to spicy. A winner with Carmién Almond Roca.
  • Cookies & Cream, for the sweet tooth looking for a double delight mix and yet it is sugar free! Pairs well with Carmién Macadamia White.
  • Orange choc, a classic pairing with any dark chocolate.
  • Restore, Rooibos with a touch of ginger, another excellent pairing with dark chocolate.
  • Revive, for those who love even more kick. Rooibos with ginger and a dash of chili. Great with Carmién Toffee and Carmién Macadamia White.
  • Soothe, a Rooibos, fennel and aniseed combination with or without turmeric. Pairs well with all three but especially good with Carmién Toffee.
  • Vintage Romance, Rooibos Flower tea. The slight astringency of berry flavours pairs well with Carmién Macadamia White.

The safest route in pairing, is to go complimentary tea with choc flavour i.e. mint with with mint or to pair contrasting flavours  i.e. soft smooth taste of camomile tea with chili choc. It is always interesting and fun to note how each person experiences the different flavour combinations.

A great way to get together! Do something different! Book a tea and chocolate pairing for your next large event.

Capture the fun! Please share your photos or innovative ideas with us on your favourite Social Media platform.

Start pairing tea and chocolate! Buy your Tea & Chocolate Tasting Experience Gift Set today:



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