Time Anchor Distillery

Sip your gin in style with Time Anchor Distillery.

Time Anchor Distillery prides themselves in the commitment to the art and science of craft distilling as well as the soul of the craft movement which inspires them every day.

Time Anchor Distillery's Shanna-Rae Wilby.
Time Anchor Distillery’s Shanna-Rae Wilby. Google

Known for their Livingstone Botanical and London Dry gins, they are now introducing two Mirari gins, exotic and captivating with their shimmer and style. Almost too pretty to mix and enjoy. But alas, the Mirari begs to be mixed to change it’s enchanting blue hue to a seductive purple.  Add your choice of tonic to the gin and watch it transform in front of your eyes.

Time Anchor Distillery’s new offerings:

Mirari Pink Damask Rose

2017-11-01-21-23-35-With the smell of rose water thick in the air during this gin-fad, grab yourself the uber girly (almost reminiscent of bubble bath) “pink” gin by Time Anchor Distillery. Can you imagine the “girls nights” with this beauty?!

Subtle rosewater and floral notes to “unlock the myths and legends associated with the Great Sand Sea…”.

Each batch of 500 bottles of the Mirari Pink Gin uses over 1,000 damask roses.

Mirari Blue Orient Spiced

Blue Orient Spiced Gin

Spiced with a handpicked blend of cardamom, vanillla and flavours of the orient. Time Anchor Distillery calls it “like magic” on their Facebook page. Changing colour in front of your eyes, worthy of insta-envy and twitter-elousy. Get yourself in on some of the trendy gintails and gin drinks fueled by social media. Gin like this….is not what your Gran used to drink.

With limited stock of this enchanting gin, be sure to get your hands on some however you can.

(Pst! I suggest you try the home of Time Anchor Distillery or even order online at http://www.theginbox.co.za.)

Limited bottles of this fairytale-gins will be released again in December, keep an eye on their social media pages for more info.

Mirari Gin by Time Anchor Distillery
Mirari Gin by Time Anchor Distillery – Time Anchor Distillery Facebook page

Visit Time Anchor Distillery

The distillery is open for tours and tasting on weekends, so make sure you book your visit to their Tasting Room. For more about the distillery and their range of spirits and distilled products, visit their website or follow their Instagram page for more inspiring gintails (details below).

Time Anchor Distillery Facebook page.

Time Anchor Distillery Instagram page.

Time Anchor Distillery contact details.

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