Darling Sweet launches new flavour

Time for Tea!
Darling Sweet launches new flavour

Not only the SWEETEST toffees, but also the SWEETEST proprietors!

I’ve had the privilege of dealing with Frits about a year ago, regarding an order I’ve placed on their website.  It was an absolute pleasure dealing with him and Darling Sweet.  He is the nicest person and such an inspiration how he, and Hentie, is growing from strength to strength with their toffee-empire and taking on the world. Recently they embarked on an adventure to  promote South African and their confectionery business at the International Exhibition of Food and Drinks in China.  Good luck with your expanding empire, darling(s).

Frits van Ryneveld and Hentie van der Merwe met in September 2013 and decided to start a toffee factory in Darling; Hentie, with his passion for art and food, and Frits with his love for quality and design. Frits, who had been living in Darling for some years, was the first to come up with the idea. For him it was obvious that Darling ought to produce the most delectable old fashioned handcrafted toffees seeing as one of its main ingredients, butter, is historically linked to the small town with its picturesque surroundings.Frits & Hentie
The idea didn’t take long to inspire Hentie – artist, lecturer and trained chef – to start journeying into the centuries old art of toffee making, tracking down long-forgotten toffee recipes and experimenting in their kitchen late into the night, while teaching art students about art and photography during the day.

It is with great excitement that I share the news of the latest additions to the Darling Sweet range…

rooboschai-packshot_web.jpgDarling Sweet, one of South Africa’s premier toffee manufacturers, which started in the 
Western Cape town of Darling just over three years ago, is excited to announce the addition of a new flavour to its range – Rooibos Chai.

This brings to 11 the number of fabulous toffee taste sensations, that the small company now produces.

Says Darling Sweet co-founder Frits van Ryneveld:

“We’re always on the lookout for something new and unique and we think our Rooibos Chai fits the bill.”

“A few months ago we brought out the Coffee Toffee and the Mint Toffee, which are both bold flavours. Our new Rooibos Chai is much more delicate and subtle.”  Adds partner

Hentie van der Merwe: “The toffee is flavoured with a locally produced 100 per cent natural Rooibos extract and the Chai spices are a secret mix that we came up with in the kitchen. “The soothing combination of Rooibos and the aromatic spices creates a truly unique toffee and, of course, a very South African flavour!”

Others in the Darling Sweet range include the aforementioned Coffee and Mint as well as Tannie Evita’s Classic, Honey & Salt, Red Wine & Chocolate, Orange & Cranberry, Liquorice, Sour Fig, Bird’s Eye Chilli and Ormonde Wines.

Darling Sweet Assorted Toffees Gift box

With Christmas just around the corner, Darling Sweet has also launched a 360g Assorted Toffees box – the perfect stocking filler for the festive season (R130 online).

Darling Sweet toffees are handcrafted using traditional methods and with no artificial colorants, flavourings or preservatives added. Darling Sweet also manufactures toffee spreads in three flavours – Tannie Evita’s Classic, Bird’s Eye Chili, and Honey & Salt – as well as locally sourced raw veld flower honey and fleur de sel, hand-harvested salt.


Darling Sweet firmly believes in being involved in and supporting the Darling community and this we do mainly, but not only, through our support of The Darling Trust; a charitable trust set up by Pieter Dirk Uys that assists the Darling community by empowering individuals to help themselves, mainly through participation in the sectors of education, skills development and health. Apart from raising awareness of this trust through our marketing activities we also contribute financially by donating part of the proceeds of the sales of our Tannie Evita’s Classic Toffee to The Darling Trust.

For more information on Darling Sweet, the range of products and the retail outlets that stock their products, visit: http://darlingsweet.co.za/

Free delivery on orders of gift hampers and orders over R300 – order your Christmas-must-have confectionery now!



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