11th Gin to Christmas: Triple 3 Juniper


Triple 3 Juniper

The second Christmas treat and gintail is made with the Triple 3 100% Juniper Berry gin.  This handcrafted South African gin is perfect to celebrate the festive season; with christmas-inspired aromas and flavours which include pine, cloves, menthol and vanilla.  The best way to enjoy this flavourful gin is to serve it with a great quality Tonic, and some fresh lime peel.


The ripe juniper berries used for this gin boast a broad array of aromas. Fresh essential oil fragrances like menthol, eucalyptus, pine, cloves and lime are gently emphasized by whiffs of white pepper. Notes of vanilla and the floral scent of rose petals reflect the sweet juiciness juniper naturally carries.Gin-Juniper-20151203_0412.jpg

The 100% Juniper Berry Gin captivates with its smooth fullness and menthol-like herby whiffs served with a stimulating citrus touch.  Dry spicy notes join the interplay of aromas.

Perfect Serve/Cocktail

Bursting with juniper flavour, this pure gin is the perfect serve for a gin and tonic garnished with raspberries or just a slice of lime-peel. It is the best start for a Negroni and with its silkiness a subtle partner to complement the herbal aromas of the Basil Smash.


Master Distiller Rolf brings an influx from the German Black Forest, where fruits and wine are distilled for centuries and the knowledge is passed between the generations. Like every passionate craftsman he is driven by a passion for ingredients and location.

Foraging ingredients in the fields and digging in the African soil are constant exploration habits along the search for the perfect sip to be shared with friends and the fellow-minded.

Experience the smooth, pure taste of this carefully balanced spirit inspired by the earliest recorded gin recipes, made from 100% juniper berries. Each distilling carefully crafted to ensure a flavourful gin with assertive juniper notes for your ultimate drinking pleasure.

Due to the flavoursome Juniper undertone, I decided to compliment the Triple Three Juniper Gin with Fitch & Leeds Light Indian Tonic as well as a hand-full of Blueberries and ice.  Keeping the drink simple and refreshing.

12 Gins to (1).png

Take a look at my recipe for Home-made Biltong, perfect for the festive season as a nibble.

For more information on this award-winning gin: TRIPLE THREE FACT SHEET – Juniper

Follow Triple Three Estate on Twitter and Instagram for an insight into distillery life or visit www.triplethree.co.za or Triple Three Estate Distillery on Facebook for more information.

Also available from the Yuppiechef website or the CyberCellar website.


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