9th Gin to Christmas: Inverroche Amber


Inverroche Amber

We’ve gotten to the single digits and Christmas is approaching fast.  Here’s my 9th Gin to Christmas all the way from Stilbaai, Western Cape.  Festive greetings friends!


Red bush, Rooibos tea flavours emerge to taste with hints of sweet toffee apples that give way to delicate florals. The spice returns towards the end in a layered and intriguing flavour journey. There’s a good complexity to Gin Amber and with a dry, woody finish it offers up a fantastic depth. If all were served neat, we felt it was probably the most interesting of all the Inverroche range. – Reviewed by The Gin Foundry

Inverroche Distillery produces a range of diverse spirits. The products are distinguised by the fact that they are small batch, limited volume, handcrafted products of exceptional quality,incorporating a range of rare indigenous flora unique to the Western Cape, South Africa.

The classic serve, to honour the botanicals, is the Fitch & Leeds Indian Tonic and a twist of lemon.

And here’s the recommended serve, by Inverroche

  • Inverroche Gin Amber
  • One lemon
  • Ice
  • Tonic water

Step 1

After rinsing the lemon, carefully peel the zest from the peel in large sheets. A potato peeler really comes in handy to do this, but a sharp paring knife will also do the trick. Ensure you leave behind the bitter pith.

Step 2

Into a fine balloon glass such as a cognac snifter or a red wine glass, squeeze the lemon zest to release the flavours and juices. Coat the rim of the glass and dab the outside of the glass with juice of the lemon zest. Finally drop the lemon zest into the glass.

The complex and aromatic flavour and aroma of the zest of the lemon around the rim and outside of the glass enhance the flavours of Inverroche Gin Amber.

Step 3

Drop three blocks of ice into the glass and pour a tot of Inverroche gin over the ice and finish off with a splash of tonic water.

The ratio of gin to tonic water should be 1:4.

Here’s how we enjoyed the stunning Inverroche Amber:

12 Gins to (3).png

Follow Inverroche on Twitter or visit www.inverroche.co.za or Inverroche Distillery on Facebook for more information, also on Instagram for some gintail inspiration.


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