3rd Gin to Christmas: Ginologist Spice


Ginologist Spice

Where science meets gin….

I recall the humble, yet ambitious, beginning of this brand.  Now this is a staple in our drinks cabinet (for various reasons). My very first “gin tasting” experience was with this brand and everything I know know about the botanicals and “perfect serve” was presented by the passionate Gauteng-based Matt Van Wyk.Spice-gin.jpg

Matt, and the “secret distiller”, create meticulous and scientific awe-inspiring experiences that reflect every gin lover’s individuality.  A series of three gins in the brand; each with their own identity; combines a series of botanicals which is sourced from around the globe to ensure that every aspect of their passion. From the juniper and botanicals, that tease the nose and satisfy the palette, to the bottles and corks that proclaim a heritage of aristocracy are sourced from the very best international suppliers.

The Ginologist team consists of:


The Professor: A scientist who studies the molecular makeup of gin making.

The Mixologist: A person who creates cocktails using the equipment and techniques of molecular gastronomy.

The Botanist: A botanist finding the perfect plant specimen to create aromatics in the process of gin making.

About the gin (Spice)


A truly unique blend of the finest spices including black pepper and grains of paradise, complemented by cassia bark, cardamom, and coriander add the complexity and balance to create an unbeatable drinking experience.


A complex array of spice notes on the nose, led by the hard peppers and underpinned by cinnamon notes from the cassia bark.


An eastern style London Dry, the Spice gin produces complex spicy notes with hints of cinnamon. The unique and bespoke flavours coat the mouth and tongue with the convivial appeal, finishing smoothly. The complexity and smoothness of the Spice gin make it easy to enjoy neat on the rocks.

This recipe was developed by &Ratio: a branch of Molecular bars and good friends with Ginologist.


  • 37,5ml Ginologist Spice
  • 1 Slice Fennel Bulb
  • 1 Lemon Wedge
  • Top Tonic Water


Add Fennel & Lemon, muddle. Add Gin & Ice, top with tonic water. Lift with spoon and garnish with Dill.


This is one gin producer who managed to hit the social media scene with a bang; from innovative clips/videos to quirky graphics.  Keep an eye out for them, and try the Floral and Citrus gins.

Ginologist Spice, Triple Sec, Peppercorns & Celery topped with Fever Tree Light Tonic.

3 day.jpg

Follow Ginologist on Twitter or visit Ginologist website or @TheGinologist on Facebook for more information.  Also follow them on Instagram, for some refreshing gintail inspiration.


The Gin Box (online).

Bottleshop: www.bottleshop.co.za

Cyber Cellar: www.cybercellar.com

The Liquorshop


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