Oh my goodness!  What a fantastic piece of kitchen equipment!  I have been idolising the large microwave-cum-oven machines which was first introduced in the South African market some years ago.  What a gigantic leap these machines have made with modern technology and sleek design standards.

I was sent the NeoChef for a review and to play around with the settings – and it did not disappoint.

Let me just kick off with the following disclaimer: This is not your grandmother’s microwave!

Step aside “dinky toy”, there’s a new space-age machine in the kitchen.


Today I want to introduce you to my new favourite kitchen toy!  Say g’hello to my little Neochef LG Microwave with Smart Inverter – Convection Oven. Well, not so little.  It comes in a mighty impressive box and once you crack open the seal there is an even more impressive machine on the inside.

It’s shiny exterior and modern sleek design creates the “life’s good” impression when the machine is airlifted from the box.  It was rather impressive to start off with, but also a little intimidating.  As LG describes it “the perfect balance of matt and gloss”; and I couldn’t agree more.

Once it was unboxed, the first thing I noticed was the spaceship-vibe you get from the interior lights and the inviting glow when you pull the tempered glass door open.


LED Lamp

The interior white LED lamp is 3 times brighter and more energy efficient than the lights on conventional models, allowing you to easily check on the food’s status without opening the microwave.


The pre-programmed dishes are easily located on the inside of the door; ranging from a variety of cuisines and firm favourites. The capacity allows family-size meals to be cooked with ease – even though we’re only two in our household, we’re confident in preparing an entire meal for friends and family in one go!

My favourite feature is probably the turntable; secured with six support points, which helps prevent off-centre items from tipping and spilling during cooking. Because that is probably my biggest pet peeve when using a microwave.  The 6-wheels turntable also allows you to add heavier items or containers without disrupting the rotation and even cooking process.


I have identified some of the key qualities of this piece of equipment to highlight and test over a period of a few weeks, now I bring you a series of posts dedicated to the Neochef LG Microwave with Smart Interter – Convection Oven.  We will be putting the features and capabilities to the test.

I am looking forward to sharing my amazing cooking-adventure using the Neochef LG Microwave with Smart Interter – Convection Oven (but the proof is in the tasting, which my partner will attest to without hesitation.)

And as the die-hard Pastry Chef in me is fighting against the modern technology of convenience cooking, I am eager to try one of the myriad of Chocolate Fondant recipes doing the rounds.  Watch this space!

The LG Neochef retails for R5499-R6499, depending on the retailer.

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