With no MSG, GMO’s, artificial ingredients, preservatives or colourants and 40% less salt, Aromat Naturally Tasty is bursting into the South African market as a guilt free healthier seasoning option.

Made with expertly blended naturally dried herbs and spices, Aromat Naturally Tasty Seasoning has no added MSG and contains 40% less Salt. The new flavour brings out and allows the natural flavours of the ingredients to shine through. With the subtle flavour combination of mushrooms, bay leaves, turmeric, onion, celery and garlic, Aromat Naturally Tasty Seasoning is a great addition to any meal or snack.

Dudu Zwane, Marketing Manager for Unilever Foods says: “Consumers have grown more health conscious and skeptical about products. The trend is that they are now engaging a lot more with their food, wanting to know more about the ingredients so that they can make informed decisions about what they are putting into their bodies. Our new “naturally tasty” product is a better, healthier option than salt or other salt-concentrated condiments and is good for use at all stages of the cooking process i.e. in preparation, during cooking and during eating. It is good for seasoning all meals – from breakfast to light snacks and everything in-between. Why not pair it with eggs, salad or even popcorn?”

Priscilla Subramoney, R&D Manager for Unilever Foods says: “With Unilever’s constant advancement in capturing the essence of natural ingredients to deliver the best taste experiences to our consumers, we have been able to deliver the Aromat Naturally Tasty variant which gives consumers all the confidence to enjoy this flavour as a trusted healthier option.”

To engage consumers about the new variant, the brand plans to hold a few lifestyle activations in some popular markets around Johannesburg. While the dates of these will be released within the next few days, the Brand team has confirmed that they aim to have the activations over the next few weeks. The dates will therefore be formally communicated to all key personal and announced on their Facebook pages once confirmed.

The lifestyle activations will include live cooking demonstrations with the relevant Chef partners, allowing consumers to interact with the recipes, taste the product, ask questions and overall be inspired for ideas on how to use the product. The activations will be supported and amplified through the Aromat digital pages and/or the pages of the key partner chefs. Consumers who attend these activations will also walk away with a few giveaways and free product samples so that they can go home and experiment with the product.Chef Nti 2

To stay updated about all the Aromat Naturally Tasty activities, follow the brand on Facebook:





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