Africa’s Magical Mootee in World’s Top 10

Mootee Bar opened their doors in Melville, Johannesburg, less than a year ago and already this critically acclaimed hot-spot is taking the very essence of Africa to the heart of the cocktail culture globally. Now Mootee Bar is recognised as one of this year’s top 10 best new cocktail bars in the world by the Spirited Awards.

The 12th annual Spirited Awards was held in New Orleans and is regarded as the equivalent to the Oscars for the bar industry. The awards honor the world’s top bars, bartenders, writers and cocktail experts. As the cocktail culture continues to experience tremendous growth worldwide, recognition and accolades have become vital for the industry, as these are the stakeholders that set the trends for years to come.

Working through over 1000 unique nominees, a diverse international judging panel, comprising of 150 of the most respected minds in the industry, work through each nominee in great detail to ensure all the criteria has been met across the 25 award categories.

“We are thrilled for our nominees who represent many of the best and brightest in our business,” said Neal Bodenheimer, Board Member of Tales of the Cocktail Foundation. “We are excited to shine a light on the hard working and talented people who have made a meaningful impact on their peers and communities this year.”

It is in the category Best New International Cocktail Bar that Mootee Bar was named in the Top 10 – the only bar on the African continent. The region with the most winners was London, UK, and included Coupette, The Mint Gun Club, Scout and Waeska Bar. A clear indication that when it comes to ranking, Mootee Bar is among the best in the world.

“Mootee Bar is a unique, homegrown experience with a personal and passionate story to tell.” Says Denzel Heath. “From the moment you walk in the door, the beat of Africa will fill your heart. And at the core of our belief system is people – the people of Mootee and the people who visit Mootee. The whole Mootee Bar vibe has been carefully curated to provide an unforgettable experience, yet in a space where you feel comfortable enough to think you were at home!”

When you open a Mootee cocktail menu, it’s pretty evident that the spot is 100% owned and managed by three mixologists who have earned their stripes on the global stage. Taking eight months to develop, each of the 12 featured cocktails has a visual representation, designed by artist Jared Hurwitz. The illustrations are designed to trigger an emotional response and as the cocktail recipes are not on the menu, it just adds another super dimension to the whole Mootee experience.

“At Mootee Bar we believe we see things differently. We want our cocktails to provoke as many senses as possible. Could a cocktail not just bring pleasure to your palate, but also inspire creativity or a memory? Perhaps a sense of nostalgia? We would like to think that it can – and that’s the magic of Mootee Bar.” Concludes Heath.

Bookings highly recommended as space is limited. Please visit for more information or email for reservations.

More information on Mootee Bar:

Inspired by the very essence of Africa, Mootee Bar takes all the juxtapositions of the beautiful continent, shakes it up and takes your senses on a journey from Cape to Cairo. Having opened their doors less than a year ago, Mootee Bar is already receiving critical acclaim and is being recognised on the global stage after recently being named one of the 10 Best New Cocktail Bars in the 2018 Spirit Awards.

Owned by three renowned mixologists with vast experience in hospitality across the globe, this popular destination in Melville (Johannesburg) also boasts an outside rooftop deck, open air alley seating and a private lounge. With a space that is relaxed and fun, many comment on the fact that it holds broad appeal – this despite the fact that the venue boasts all the latest gastronomy and mixology gadgets found in only the very best of bars. Thus, another testament that Mootee Bar is about to lead from the front and set the trends on the African continent.

The cocktail menu took eight months to develop and, unlike traditional cocktail menus, the recipes are not displayed. Instead, patrons are enticed to explore the twelve cocktails – each inspired by a classic African tale – through a unique visual interpretational technique. Over-and-above the cocktail menu, Mootee Bar also has a well-balanced wine-list and selection of spirits, all contributing again to the bar’s broad appeal. It’s no wonder Mootee Bar is on the fast-track to becoming the continent’s #1.


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