12 Tonics to Christmas: Vodka Ninja

It’s Friyay and we look at Goldberg Japanese Yuzu Tonic; a premium Tonic Water with a Japanese touch.

Thanks to the Yuzu fruit, a citrus fruit from Asia, it has a certain twist, with floral nuances and a subtle bitterness. Compared to lemons and oranges, the Yuzu fruit is much more aromatic. Even their fragrance is much more dominant than others. In the taste, however, the citrus style is still shy enough so that it doesn’t steal anything from a delicate flavour profile of gin or vodka.

With this Tonic Water you have the possibility to mix some new Tonic creations. If you are able to find fresh yuzu fruits, use them to garnish your drink. But also a topping with limes, lemons or cherry blossoms is very nice and pleasant. Look forward to exciting drinks with this tonic which, of course, can also be enjoyed neat as a soft drink.

The wide range of products that Goldberg offers is so multifaceted that it clearly stands out from other soft drink brands. Each flavor has its specialty. Goldberg not only tastes well mixed with high-quality spirits, but also refreshes as a pure drink. Thanks to the relatively high carbon dioxide content, the aromas are accentuated and complex. This results in a completely new taste experience of uncompromisingly high quality.


In the early 20th century, pharmaceutical entrepreneur Jacob M. Goldberg from Frankfurt wanted to combat tropical diseases with his medicinal drinks. He emigrated to northern india in pursuit of his goal, where the products he created soon found the approval of the british colonial rulers. What had once been tinctures pro- duced for medicinal purposes became refreshing soft drinks; in consequence, Jacob M. Goldberg redefined his business segment.


Jacob M. Goldberg added carbon dioxide to his drinks to create ready-to-drink lemonade products which could be enjoyed on their own or mixed with spirits. Seamen from the british royal navy blended GOLDBERG lemonades with their favourite spirit, gin, thereby creating a trendy drink that has remained ever-present on all good cocktail lists to this day.

Here’s my 12 Tonics to Christmas Goldberg Japanese Yuzu Tonic Water drink:



  • 50ml Cruz Vintage Black Vodka
  • Slice of fresh ginger
  • Crushed Ice
  • Goldberg Japanese Yuzu Tonic


  • Ensure you have all your equipment and ingredients ready.
  • Fill the glass with crushed ice.
  • Position a generous slice of ginger between the glass and the ice – it just looks prettier like that.
  • Add a double-shot of Cruz Vintage Black Vodka.
  • Top with chilled Goldberg Japanese Yuzu Tonic.

12 Tonics to Christmas (2).png


More about Goldberg & Sons Sodas:

Website: Goldberg&Sons

Facebook: Goldberg

Insta: @Goldbergsodas

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