12 Tonics to Christmas: Breakfast of Champions

It’s the first weekend of the Summer Holidays, and a scorcher.

Zesty and bright thanks to fresh orange, these vodka tonics are perfect for warm spring and summer nights…or mornings.

About Barker & Quin

For oenologist Hanneli vd Merwe, inspiration came on a business trip to Europe in November 2015 where corporate entertaining led to a personal discovery of the tasty world of craft gin and designer tonics. Since becoming the first woman to obtain a PhD in Oenology from the University of Stellenbosch, she had been thirsting for a new adventure – who would have thought the answer would lie in the cocktail she was enjoying.

Back in South Africa, she observed the craft gin industry was already establishing itself and winning the hearts & palates of discerning consumers with the level of local craftsmanship. Yet amidst this growing excellence and diversity there was a sorely felt void. South Africa needed a natural, high-quality tonic water to complement its emerging gin industry – she decided to change this. Today Barker & Quin is a partnership between herself and long time colleague and friend, Chris Wium.

Barker & Quin, let the Journey begin.


Keeping up with the Barker & Quin tradition and quality, “Light at Heart” is an all natural product. Low in sugar and calories, mixed with mountain spring water. Enjoy a guilt free refreshment that will keep you light at heart for every festive occasion.


12 Tonics to Christmas (4).png


50ml fresh orange juice

50ml Cruz Vintage Black Vodka

1 x Barker & Quin Light at Heart Tonic



In an 150ml glass/carafe, add ice. Pour in fresh orange juice and then add Vodka. Add tonic water to taste – depending on your preferred liquor to mixer ratio. Stir gently and enjoy.

More about Barker & Quin:

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Take a look at the below Fact Sheet for more information about Light At Heart Tonic Water:

Barker & Quin Light At Heart Fact Sheet.


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