12 Tonics to Christmas: Middle Eastern Gin and Rose Tonic

The fragrant crack of the cardamom and rose transports you to the middle east for a festive season filled with spice and flair.  Think far-away lands filled with myrrh and frankincense, especially during this time of the year.  See in your mind’s eye the heaps of spices, loud chatter of merchants and heaps of delicate rose petals surrounded by the smell of rose essence and oriental mysteries.

On the #12TonicsToChristmas blog series I looked at showcasing the Tonic, more than the alcohol or the other bits and pieces.

Featuring the “newish” addition to the Toni Glass Collection is their Rose-flavoured tonic.


0000281_rose-sugar-free-x-24A premium and refreshing Tonic Water crafted from authentic Peruvian Lineage Quinine and delicately infused with our artful blend of botanicals. Indulge in our Rose Toni Glass Tonic that offers a fresh and natural burst of Pink tinted Rose flavour and delivers an elegant and spectacular quench.

Mirari-Pink-Damask-Rose-GinMirari Pink Damask Rose Gin is crafted from a meticulous selection of natural botanicals including damask roses, chamomile, grapefruit, cubeb berries and green cardamom. This gin is gently infused with natural rose water which makes her an absolute beauty!




  • Ensure you have all your equipment and ingredients ready.
  • Slightly bruise/crack the cardamom pods (muddle), add the sugar syrup, lime and gin and stir to dissolve the sugar syrup.  Add ice to a glass, strain the gin mixture into the glass and top with chilled Toni Glass Rose Tonic Water.


12 Tonics to Christmas (13).png

More about Toni Glass Pear Tonic:

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  1. Shenna says:

    Hi there! Such a wonderful article, thanks!


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