It’s World Malbec Day

 malbec-day.jpgToday Argentina is synonymous with Malbec, having achieved a direct association with the varietal. Renowned by its diversity, high quality and elegance, it marks a constant innovation in the wine scene worldwide.
Created by Wines of Argentina, Malbec World Day seeks to position Argentine Malbec as one of the most prominent in the world. Every April 17th, and throughout the whole month, different activities are carried out in the main cities around the globe to celebrate the success of this flagship grape.

Malbec was apparently so common in France during the Middle Ages, that over a thousand synonyms developed for it. The most common are Auxerrois, Côt, Malbec, Noir de PressacPeid-Roughe and Pressac.

While Malbec has been cultivated in Stellenbosch and Paarl since the 1920s, it was first bottled as a single varietal wine in the early 1990s, by Backsberg Estate Cellars, located between Paarl and Stellenbosch.

Production Regions:

The popularity of Malbec seems to be growing in South Africa, with the area under production increasing from a mere 40 ha in the 1990s to roughly 450 ha in 2016. Vines are found in all the production regions of the country, with the Swartland, Paarl and Stellenbosch accounting for about three-quarters of the total area under production.

My Favourite Malbec:

And the one which will be in my glass this evening….

The first of the Blake’s wines made from grapes outside the Swartland. This is 100% Stellenbosch Malbec, carefully sourced by seasoned winemaker, Andries Blake, and only the best grapes were selected for Blake’s Boys. The wine delivers intense flavours and soft tannins, with mouth-watering aromas. A true reflection of the classic Bordeaux varietal, and a stunning expression of all the reasons I enjoy Malbec so much. A “must-buy” for those who are fans of a Bordeaux blend. Very limited production!

Soft and juicy hand-made Malbec from Stellenbosch, vinified in the sleepy Swartland.


Andries and Marinda Blake, proud owners of Blake Family Wines are passionate about quality and service par excellence. Andries, a renowned and seasoned winemaker has 23 vintages at Rooiberg Winery and notably Swartland Winery. The grapes for the Blake Family Wines derive from the heart of the Swartland. Andries believes in minimal human intervention in these untrellised, dry land bush vines. The flagship range, Blake Family Wines consists of 2 blends – Tourmaline and a Cape Blend called Amethyst.

Single cultivar wines, such as Malbec is available under the lifestyle range, the “Blake Boys’”, but blends will remain the flagship. “I prefer blends to single cultivar wines. Blends is an art form, where a winemaker can showcase flair and skill, therefore I can show my passion when creating blends.” – Andries Blake. Andries’ drive to make great blends resulted in the 2011 Amethyst that was selected as one of the Top 5 winners in the ABSA Perold Cape Blend competition in 2014.

The Tourmaline and the Amethyst are crafted and nurtured to capture what nature has provided; the unique taste of the Swartland. ”We perceive our wines as family gems and we treat them as such”, says Marinda.

Seems like a nabbed the last few Blake’s Boys Malbec floating around from online retailers, for more options of Malbec wines, click here.

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