Mis famosos churros *


I’ve pretty much “nailed” the first chouw pastry I’ve ever made (back in the day at chefs’ school) and have this basic recipe below which churns out amazing fried sticks of goodness over and over again.

I’ve changed the accompaniments and sauces, but the crispy fried stick is perfect for thick rich chocolate sauce, slightly sweet-and-salty caramel, or served with ice-cream.

I’ve travelled to Barcelona in search of the authentic “spanish churro”.   And the most memorable ones I’ve had were thin, and crispy (made right in front of you from a huge dough-dispenser) and slathered in a rich drinking-chocolate.  Sitting on a bench at Tibidabo on a hill overlooking Barcelona, nothing could come close to it.  However, I make my churros a little thicker and the secret is, have all your ingredients ready before starting (and measure it out with the precision of an architect).

There’s about 10 rules to the perfect Choux-pastry; but this is something you have to practice and once you’ve mastered the art of a glossy, thick sloppy dough, then you will understand what “cooks’ intuition” means.  It’s a dance between the evaporated moisture from the water and butter, it’s the swift movement when adding and mixing the dough, and the temperamental eggs which makes you nervous with every addition.  Take your time and learn the steps of the recipe; much like a Flamenco. Olé!


MISE EN PLACE (preparation):

  • Weigh and measure out all the ingredients prior to starting.
  • Equipment used:
    • Kitchen scale / measuring spoons
    • Mixing bowls (for ingredients)
    • Stove
    • Large saucepan (to make the dough)
    • Wooden spoon
    • Hand mixer / plastic spatula
    • Large pot (for deep-frying in oil)
    • Slotted spoon (to remove Churros from hot oil)
    • Piping bag with nozzle (to pipe dough into the hot oil)
    • Sharp, clean, knife.
    • Cooling rack.



1 cup Water 250ml
6 Tablespoons Butter 90ml / 86g
2 Tablespoons Granulated Sugar 30ml
1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract 5ml
1 cup Flour 250ml / 125g
1 teaspoon Salt 5ml
2 Large Eggs  
  Oil, for frying  
  Cinnamon Sugar To taste


  1. In a large saucepan over medium heat, add water, butter, and sugar. Bring to a boil, then add vanilla. Turn off heat and add flour and salt. Stir with a wooden spoon until thickened, 30 seconds. Let mixture cool for 10 minutes.
  2. To cooled mixture, using a hand mixer/plastic spatula, beat in eggs one at a time until combined. Transfer mixture to a piping bag fitted with a large open star tip.
  3. In a large pot over medium heat, add enough oil to come halfway up the sides and heat to 375°.
  4. Holding the piping bag a few centimetres above the oil, carefully pipe churros into 15cm long ropes. Use kitchen scissors/sharp knife to cut off dough from piping bag.
  5. Fry until golden, 4 to 5 minutes, turning as necessary.
  6. Fry 3 to 4 churros at a time and let oil come back to 190 degrees Celsius before each batch.
  7. Remove churros with a slotted spoon and immediately roll churros in cinnamon sugar, then place on a cooling rack.


Serve the Churros with

  • Salted Dulce de Leche
  • Rich, dark chocolate sauce (traditional)
  • Vanilla ice-cream


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