A guaranteed refreshing summer with De Krans’ Premium Moscato Range

Never has there been a more anticipated summer than that of 2020. After the extremely challenging year, topped off by the coldest winter in a good number of years, we can already picture those long summer days with delicious food and wine. The seemingly endless hibernation will be something of the past and we will emerge with a renewed sense of joy and excitement with so much to be grateful for. When we are finally bid this year farewell and make way for a new one, there will be much to celebrate, and what better way than with some refreshing bubbles with a delicious dose of natural sweetness?

Premium White Moscato Perlé
Premium Red Moscato Perlé
Muscat Nectar Alcohol – Free Sparkling
Premium White Moscato Perlé and Premium Red Moscato Perlé

The De Krans premium Moscato range consists of the Premium White Moscato Perlé, Premium Red Moscato Perlé as well as the brand-new De Krans Muscat Nectar Alcohol – Free Sparkling. The idea behind this range was to embrace the muscadel grape that is so synonymous with the Klein Karoo, but to present it in a sophisticated, easy drinking and refined way that elevates the muscat flavours. While moscato refers to the style of wine and the grapes used (Muscat de frontignan and Muscat d’Alexandrie), the Perlé refers to the slight fizz (a slightly lower pressure than sparkling wine), which gives the wine that lovely zing and refreshing taste. What also makes these wines special and very consumer friendly, are the lower alcohol levels of 7.5% and 8.5% for the White and Red Moscato respectively. Perfect for a brunch or even a cocktail mixer. Experiment with both the white and red to make a delicious sangria or add a bit of Cape Pink (one of our port style wines) to the White Moscato in a bubbly glass for a beautiful welcome drink, which will no doubt impress your guests. The Premium Moscato range is also often used as an alternative for a bubbly – a more affordable and low–alcohol alternative that works great with all palates.

The Premium White Moscato Perlé was first produced in 2012 and has since never stopped to grow in popularity. This semi-sweet wine is packed with flavours of muscat, litchi, apricots and other tropical fruits with hints of honey and exotic spice on the palate.

Following the success of the White Moscato, the Premium Red Moscato Perlé was first made in 2017. The 15% Pinotage grapes that is added to give it the red colour, changes the fruit profile completely to flavours of berries, litchi, soft prunes and muscat, with strawberries, blackcurrants and exotic spice on the palate. The red grapes also result in a complex mouth feel and a crisp finish. While both these wines are wonderful and light on their own (remember to serve chilled), they also pleasantly surprise when pairing with fresh, summer salads, charcuterie and spicy food like mild curries.

The third product in the Moscato range was introduced in March this year – and what better time to put some focus on the alcohol- free trend that we already saw blossoming since the end of last year. With a flavour profile similar to the White Moscato, the Muscat Nectar Alcohol-Free Sparkling is made from Muscadel and Hanepoot juice, resulting in a naturally semi-sweet juice with a slight fizz that is added when being bottled.

The De Krans Premium White and Red Moscato Perlé both retails for approximately R70 per bottle and the De Krans Muscat Nectar Alcohol–Free Sparkling retails for approximately R58 per bottle.

For more information and to order online, please visit http://www.dekrans.co.za, send your order to admin@dekrans.co.za or phone 044 213 3314.

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