Spoil Your Mum On Mother’s Day With Krone Vintage-Only Rosé Cap Classiques

Toast your mum with the magic of Krone Vintage-Only Rosé Cap Classique crafted on Twee Jonge Gezellen in the Tulbagh Valley. Celebrate Mother’s Day by popping the cork on a bottle of the beautifully packaged Krone Vintage Rosé Cuvée Brut 2019 or the Krone Vintage Night Nectar Demi-Sec Rosé 2019, for mums who prefer something a little sweeter.

The 300-year-old Twee Jonge Gezellen Estate in Tulbagh is the historic home of Krone, a collection of vintage-only, terroir-driven Cap Classiques made from the finest, most distinctive grapes. The making of vintage-only Krone Cap Classique is a commitment to the vintage showcasing the character of each harvest and celebrating a moment in time and place. The unique hallmarks of every vintage as directed by nature: from soil to vine to bottle. Each vintage tells a story. The Krone winemaking team channels the rain, the sun, the wind into structure, complexity and balance – and seals it all with a cork.

Krone Vintage Rosé Cuvée Brut 2019

BLEND:  Pinot Noir 92%, Chardonnay 8%

TASTING NOTES: Gossamer pink. Aromatics of frais de bois (wild strawberries), the strawberry edged in papaya pip spice (similar to black peppercorn spice). Ethereal notes of rosewater skate along denser tones of crushed orange peel. Pinot noir led, the terroir is vividly sketched on the palate, sunbaked stones, the perfect ripeness of a gentle summer, strawberries, white peach, tangy cranberry freshness. The acids are lemony and soft, light and buoyant. A deeper tug into fresh cream, a layered mouth-coating mousse, finishing with lingering notes of toasted hazelnuts.

FOOD PAIRING: Krone Cuvée Brut Rosé delights in food that favours honest expression, a simple picnic with slivers of charcuterie, crusty sourdough bread and ripe, melty Camembert. A tug-of-war between density and weightlessness, the structure lends itself to the refined too; from salmon with crispy skin crackling and wild black rice to rolled porchetta, and duck with cherries.

Krone Vintage Night Nectar Demi-Sec Rosé 2019

BLEND: Pinot Noir 92%, Chardonnay 8%

TASTING NOTES: Pale pink. A radiance of red fruit, glossy and spontaneous. Bright summer strawberries, licks of whipped cream. The brightness of lemon unfurls alongside heady maraschino cherries. On the palate a core of intense red fruit, juicy and fresh. Nostalgic toffee apples play on the rich, voluminous palate. Wild and lively with clean pure fruit, the health of the 2019 harvest on show, an exhibition of a vineyard released from drought. A sense of restraint on the finish, tailored with bright acidity and a touch of roasted almonds in its echo.

FOOD PAIRING: The vibrant vivacity of this MCC is a true joy paired with bold, deep flavours; prawns grilled on hot coals with coconut lime basting and peach chutney; its berry-richness harmonious with unctuous, sticky pork belly; spice, texture and cream are all heightened when paired with the pillowy softness of strawberry cream cake, the astringency of raspberry pinwheels, and the fine crunch of rose-water macarons.

PURCHASE: Krone’s 2019 Vintage Cap Classiques are available for purchase at the estate, online at https://www.kronecapclassique.co.za/collections/vintage-mcc  and are widely available nationally at select liquor retailers and grocers.

APPROXIMATE RETAIL PRICE: R165 per 750ml bottle.


Established in 1710, a national monument with over 300 years of history, Twee Jonge Gezellen, in a continuation of the founding pioneer spirit, invented cold fermentation in the 1950s and has the honour of being home to the first underground cellar in Africa.

The Rands family purchased Twee Jonge Gezellen in 2012. Brother and sister, Svend and Abigail are involved intimately in all aspects of the estate, from vineyard plantings to marketing. Cellarmaster Rudiger Gretschel leads the winemaking division, a renowned Cape winemaker he pours his considerable knowledge into both the viticulture as well as the vinification, working seamlessly alongside MCC specialist and head winemaker Stephan de Beer.

In 2017 the historic estate was reimagined with the interior design being inspired by its rich heritage and original architecture. Today, after lengthy restoration, the farm is both redolent of its 300-year-old history as well as burgeoning with contemporary relevance. Visitors can journey through a series of extraordinary spaces, immersed in history, and filled with contemporary art, sculpture and collectible design before moving on to sample Krone’s vintage Cap Classiques. The raised terrace offers singular views of the picturesque valley and the Winterhoek, Witzenberg and Obiqua Mountains, while the Tasting Room boasts a dramatic picture window that unveils the workings of the cellar.

The KRONE X WHATIFTHEWORLD GALLERY is a collaborative space offering an immersive experience showcasing African contemporary art in the heart of Tulbagh. Now home to an Artist Residency Programme too.

Twee Jonge Gezellen continues to delight its visitors into the 21st century, offering tastings and gallery tours.


Monday – Saturday: 10:00 – 16:00

Twee Jonge Gezellen is closed on Sundays and Public Holidays


Tel: 023 230 0680

Email: info@kronecapclassique.co.za

Website:  kronecapclassique.co.za

Facebook: facebook.com/KroneCapClassique

Twitter: @KroneCC

Instagram: @ kronecapclassique

Posy & Jeremy Hazell

Public Relations and Social Media Consultants

Cell: 082 557 2968

Email: posy@hazell.co.za

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