LCHF Food List

Since doing my first LCHF diet years ago, there has been some changes in the original ingredient (or allowed food) list. We’ve decided to use the basis of the Banting diet as a guideline for the LCHF lifestyle challenge.

The Banting lists are clearly defined into the following:
RED: Not allowed;
ORANGE: Moderate consumption; could lead to weight gain;
GREEN: Only consume ingredients from this list to ensure you get all the macro nutrients necessary.
Now there’s even the inclusion of a “yellow list” (Banting-specific products/ingredients, alcohol and sweet treats).

Here’s a look at the list from

Green list 1Green list 2

Download your pdf here: Green-List

Let’s make this simple:


Drinks allowed on the LCHF/Banting diet:

Coffee: Drink good quality coffee (stay away from the tinned varieties as they are highly processed and contain added sugars like maltose and dextrose. Normally the glass-bottled varieties are (more) pure and have no added ingredients, but it’s always best to double-check the label.

REMEMBER: If you don’t know what the ingredient is which is on the ingredients list, you shouldn’t be putting it into your body. Less chemicals, processed and additives! Eat real food for real results.

Tea: Any type of tea, such as ordinary or herbal teas, but as soon as it’s flavoured with fruity or floral flavours be sure to check the label. Green tea and black teas are the most pure forms and can be consumed (without sugar, sweetener and milk).

Water: Drink as much water as possible. Sugar-free sparkling, regular sparling, purified or boiled water (that has cooled down of course) are allowed. To add flavour to your water, you can add mint, thyme, lemon, ginger, cinnamon or let some berries infuse the water. Only use fresh ingredients for infusions.


This are the basics you need to know. Stick to the “green list” of protein, fats and vegetables and consume lots of water. It’s a mental challenge as much as a diet; sometimes trying to change the mind is the most difficult part of the battle. But as long as you take it one day at a time, join us on our journey and stick around for some awesome recipes and food ideas, we’ll make this a fun and exciting change.