LCHF Meal Plan: Week 3 & 4

Week 3 & 4

I promise you, you are now over the worst of it and should be feeling better.

In fact, you’ve made a commitment to your health and wellbeing, and you’ve managed to stick to it for longer than most.  Week 2 is the worst, that’s when the cravings and doubt creep in and you start to second-guess if this lifestyle is actually suitable for you.

By now you would have:

  • some subsided effects from the Keto/Banting Flu (although every person’s individual body reacts differently to the withdrawal of carbohydrates);
  • some improvement in energy levels (you are in fact fuelling your body with fats and ‘the good stuff’);
  • come to terms with the copious amounts of food prep to keep you on track with the prescribed meal plans (failing to be prepared will result in “uber eats”, shortcuts or even worse unplanned fasting – which is even worse because you will be undoing all the progress you’ve made already);
  •  become familiar with the allowed foods/ingredients on the allowed Food List.

Don’t become despondent, according to, 42% of people who fail to follow a new eating plan is due to “lack of time to meal plan”.  And your partner could be the biggest challenge for you to stay on track with your new regimen.

To keep you on track, here’s some additional meal plans to keep you motivated:

Week 3Week 4

Downloadable PDF here: Meal Plans_Week 3 and 4


Best of luck with the next two weeks.