LCHF Preparation

Every major challenge requires some preparation.  Athletes train for months before they embark on a gruelling marathon (unless you are one of those plonkers who wake up on the morning of the race and decide it’s a good day for running, cycling or rowing).


Here’s my top reading list for this Banting/Atkins/LCHF lifestyle:

The Banting Solution

Your low-carb guide to permanent weight loss.

Authors: Bernadine Douglas & Bridgette Allan

Publishers: Penguin Books

ISBN: 978 1 77609 098 3

Banting 7 Days Meal plans Book

100 favourite recipes from 1.9-million group members

Authors: Rita Venter, Natalie Lawson & Kim Blom

Publishers: Quivertree Publications
ISBN: 978-1-928429-22-7

The Real Meal Revolution : The Radical, Sustainable Approach to Healthy Eating

Authors: Professor Tim Noakes , Jonno Proudfoot & Sally-Ann Creed

Publishers: Little Brown Book Group

ISBN: 139781472135698

My Low Carb Kitchen

My Low Carb Kitchen is an easy, accessible, step-by-step guide to living a low-carb lifestyle.

Author: Vickie de Beer (and we happen to be Facebook-friends)

Publishers: Quivertree Publications

ISBN: 978-1-928209-51-5

Alternatively, get your hands on one of these for some more LCHF recipes:

The Lose It! Magazine cookbook

by The Lose It! Magazine

Paperback / softback

9781868427680-1-full.jpgFilled with delicious and easy low-carb, high-fat recipes for the busy home-cook, this is a beautifully photographed addition to the health-conscious South African cook’s shelf. The cookbook is compiled from favourite recipes from Lose It! Magazine, the magazine dedicated to low-carb, high-fat healthy eating.

Available from selected Woolworths Food stores, Takealot and all good bookshops.





Scrolling the web for some ideas for your Banting/LCHF journey?  Here’s the top of the picks for informative and legit information – let’s be honest, it’s quicker than reading an entire book with technical jargon about ketosis and fermentable oligosaccharides etc.

For shopping: