12 Tonics to Christmas: Espresso Tonic

During my research and development of the #12TonicsToChristmas series, I cam across an interesting concoction which seemed strange and innovative.  

12 Tonics to Christmas: Spanish Sunset

We are halfway through the #12TonicsToChristmas series and feeling nostalgic….

Inspired by my time spent in Barcelona, on balmy summer evenings strolling the bustling streets and dropping by a street cafe for a refreshing drink, as you watch the late sunset between the historic buildings.

It was only obvious to add this orange-and-rum creation to my #12TonicsToChristmas list.  Sit back and sip this drink as you think about what you’ve survived in 2018. 

12 Tonics to Christmas: Castaway

Dreaming of a refreshing island cocktail with Bacardi White Rum and Fever-Tree#MediterraneanTonic, with a dash of Ginifer bitters.